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I am thrilled to embark on the path to collaboratively help rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party based on positive politics and push for actionable climate change measures. Mary-Margaret McMahon

I will not only advocate for a strong environmental platform, I will fight for small business survival and growth in these challenging times, and affordability measures that allow Torontonians to stay in our beautiful and vibrant city!

Steven Del Duca

Ontario is in the fight of its life. Steven Del Duca is a leader who will be relentless in the pursuit of progress, who will work night and day and never stop fighting for a better Ontario.

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Ontario Liberals will ban handguns

May 28, 2022

ETOBICOKE—LAKESHORE – Steven Del Duca joined a group of community activists to champion the Ontario Liberal plan to ban handguns…

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The Conservatives want every household to pay nearly $2,000 to build Highway 413 for their land speculating donors

May 27, 2022

MISSISSAUGA – Steven Del Duca was in Mississauga today to shine a light on the staggering $10 billion cost of…

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Ontario Liberals will ask the biggest and richest to pay more

May 26, 2022

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca was in Toronto to highlight the Ontario Liberal plan to make our tax system fairer,…

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